VTEC Services

Fortescue VTEC Services is a medium sized landscaping and general maintenance service business through which indigenous pre-employment, development & employment opportunities are provided. It seeks to provide a range of valuable services to Fortescue operations, whilst simultaneously delivering key outcomes for Aboriginal development and employment, in conjunction with VTEC.  

VTEC Services was formed in response to learnings that emerged from Fortescue’s VTEC, where VTEC candidates were being precluded from VTEC programs by a range of employment barriers, including:
  • Lack of Driver’s Licence (or licence related issues)
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Family concerns
  • Health concerns
  • Lack of suitable work history or experience  

VTEC Services provides its employees the opportunity to receive a casual wage whilst obtaining the support needed to address - and hopefully overcome - any issues impacting the opportunity to participate in a VTEC training program, and then full-time employment.  

The most common example of this is the large number of potential trainees who enter the Fortescue Driver Training Program, and are able to work with VTEC Services until their licence issues are resolved. They then become eligible to participate in a VTEC training program, and enter into full-time employment with Fortescue.