VTEC participants do not require any prior training or knowledge before starting a program. Training sessions can be as short as one week or as long as a year, depending on the existing skills and education of the candidate.  

VTEC identifies job opportunities within Fortescue and its contractors and then develops courses in partnership with local Pilbara Insititute and other training organisations to provide people with the skills they need to do the job.   

VTEC have delivered training for targeted roles in:
  • Fixed and Mobile Plant Operation
  • Heritage and Exploration Surveys
  • Civil Works -Building and Construction  

All candidates undergo the core VTEC pre-employment training program which ensures competence against the necessary standards for employment with Fortescue.  

VTEC also provides programs for literacy and numeracy, financial management, driver’s licence lessons and support, and workplace communications and environment (Workfella).  

Under the VTEC program, participants who successfully complete relevant training and/or work preparation activities will be guaranteed employment with Fortescue, its contractors or service providers.