Graduate stories: Ben Crane

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

I started working as a Mechanical Engineer graduate in January 2011. Since I started I’ve had rotations in the engineering departments in Port Hedland and in Perth at the Fortescue Centre. 

While I was in Port Hedland I had the opportunity to work on the design, fabrication and installation of a new type of transfer chute for the Port. This was a multi-million dollar project based on a completely new design and with a very tight schedule. Not only did I learn a great deal about chute design and materials handling, but it also gave me exposure to project management.

The best thing about working at Fortescue is being a part of a company that is growing so rapidly. The speed of the expansion creates many exciting opportunities and provides a large variety of work.

As a graduate, the ability to rotate to different areas of the business is something I consider to be invaluable. It provides the opportunity to learn how different areas of the business operate, the different types of equipment involved and most importantly to decide what sort of job you would like to pursue in your future career.

I would advise all graduates to take every opportunity they can to rotate around the business during their two year graduate program.