Port and Rail Infrastructure

Fortescue wholly owns and operates its purpose designed rail and port facilities, constructed to deliver iron ore from its mines to Port Hedland and onto its customers. The Company’s railway covers 620km and is the fastest, heavy haul line in the world. The Company’s world class rail operations run a cycle of 13 trains a day with each train carrying up to 35,000 tonnes of iron ore directly to Herb Elliott Port.

The efficient design and layout, optimal berthing configuration and ongoing innovation to increase productivity makes Fortescue’s Port the most efficient bulk port operation in Australia. The site sits on two hundred hectares of land and comprises three inload and outload circuits with three train unloaders, 54km of conveyor systems, three stackers, three reclaimers, transfer stations, drive stations, sample stations, and power and control systems. The Port has five operating berths and is capable of efficiently exporting more than 165mtpa.

In May 2016, Fortescue was awarded a second towage licence for the Port at Port Hedland. This will ensure Fortescue can provide long term, sustainable towage services crucial to meeting customer needs.