Pilbara Community

Fortescue is committed to working in local Pilbara communities to develop innovative partnerships and initiatives, which build sustainable communities.

Fortescue's Community Team is guided by the philosophy of being welcomed by the communities that host its business activities. It works towards this goal by actively encouraging feedback and consultation and investing in a variety of projects.

Fortescue is committed to local employment, residential workforce, and training and employment for Aboriginal people creates opportunities and growth within the regions in which it operate.

Engaging with communities

Fortescue highly values the community’s feedback.

Fortescue's dedicated Community Team, located in the South Hedland Shopping Centre, provides a vital link between the wider Pilbara community and Fortescue. The team engages the community regularly in many ways including, a bi-annual community survey, formal consultation on specific issues, informal information sessions and presentations, regular bulletins and interaction at the community office. Understanding community views informs decision making processes and enables investment in projects and programs that deliver the greatest benefits to the community.

Fortescue continues to invest in its Vocational Training and Employment Centres in South Hedland and Roebourne, a model which has been adopted by the Federal Government and rolled out nationally.

Fortescue seeks to empower the social, economic and institutional development of its communities through the application of social, environment, infrastructure and people-focused programs and investment. In the long term these programs will generate significant value for both Fortescue and its local communities.