Aboriginal Secondary Scholarships

Fortescue Metals Group, Guildford Grammar School and Perth College have partnered to develop a secondary scholarship scheme open to Fortescues Native Title Partners and to children of Fortescue’s Aboriginal employees.

Successful scholarship recipients will have their tuition, boarding (if applicable) and some other incidental costs paid for them for the duration of their secondary studies. Scholarships will be available to students to either board or attend as ‘day’ students.


To be eligible for the Scholarship the student must be:

•    eligible for the Abstudy Scheme*
•    from a Fortescue Native Title Partner** group or a child of a current Aboriginal
Fortescue employee***
•    enthusiastic about embracing the educational opportunity offered by the school
•    have support from families or guardians’ encouraging the student to attend the school
•    likely to succeed in attainment of their Year 12 completion at the school

* Although it is a pre-requisite for applicants to be eligible for the AbStudy Scheme, in
special cases consideration will be given to those students who may not fit the
eligibility criteria.
** As at March 2014 Fortescue’s Native Title Partners include: Kariyarra; Palyku; Nyiyaparli; Banyjima; Eastern Guruma; Puutu Kunti Kurrama & Pinikura (PKKP);
Njamal; and Yindjibarndi.
*** Fortescue employee must be directly employed for at least 12 months to be
eligible to apply.

Further Information
For further information please contact the Aboriginal Engagement team on (08) 9230 1526 or via email aboriginalengagement@fmgl.com.au.