A Billion Opportunities for Karlayura Enterprises

Karlayura Enterprises Pty Ltd director Brian Tucker talks about A Billion Opportunities.

What were the challenges in starting your own business?

It’s trying to get opportunity and create more opportunities for other Indigenous contracting companies to work and to build and to give back to the communities. One of the things we want to be able to do is build and give other people opportunity in their back yard. We want to be able to give everybody a chance in business.

What makes you want to keep doing this?

What drives me most is that somehow I have to teach in my culture and to work in alliance with business and still be able to teach my culture and to preserve my culture. I see all language groups in the Pilbara have the similar task to face and we need to be ready, all, and for myself to become an example to other business.

What does the future hold for you and your business?

One of the things that for us traditional people is that we have to be ready and to leave a legacy of sustainable jobs for the future and for all people in Australia; to leave a legacy of opportunity for anybody to come in and to work in big companies.

Can you talk about the opportunity you got through Fortescue and Billion Opportunitues

One of the things that Fortescue Metal gave Yerbulli was the opportunity is have a joint venture with the company, which is the greatest thing that happened to the Yerbulli (?) people, and that’s an example to other companies within our area, to work in alliance with the business. When you try and find capabilities it’s hard to get capability. Now is the perfect time, we need to grab hold of it, Yerbulli (?) have to grab hold of the business now and to make sure that it happens now and to build on it. And that’s the way I see our business thriving in our country.

Is there a positive impact your communities?

To give business to our people is something that is going to change whole systems and society. We have to face the fact that business is not going to stop, it’s going to continue so we have to hop on that band wagon like other companies do and get the opportunities that we want so we get sustainable jobs in our country to look after our people and to change the lifestyles and to live in a healthy living environment. And if only one can do it, one can be an example.